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♡ rabbit heart

leave all your loving behind, you can't carry it with you if you want to survive

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♥and in the spring i shed my skin
and it blows away with the changing wind
the waters turn from blue to red
as towards the sky i offer it♥

i'm a 22 year old in design student from greater london and write about all sorts of stuff.
mainly my design work, drunken misadventures, and messy love life, though.

(i used to be dickensian_)
agatha christie, alternative, animals, antiques, art, art deco, art history, art nouveau, babycham, baking, bbc iplayer, bird drawings, black & white drawings, black eyeliner, bob dylan, bohemian clothing, books, boots, bows, british history, camden, castles, cath kidston, celtic mythology, charity shops, charles dickens, chiffon, christmas, cleaning, courtney love, deer, dostoevsky, drawing, fairy lights, festivals, film noir, flickr, floral wallpaper, gangster movies, gigs, glastonbury, glitter, going to galleries, gothic architecture, graphic design, guinea pigs, guitars, guns n roses, heavy metal, ical, illustration, indie music, interior design, italy, jane eyre, jewellery, joni mitchell, joy division, kissing, kitties, leopardprint, libraries, lolcats, lomography, london, lowercase, macbooks, magazines, maison bertaux, making lists, metallica, mixtapes, moleskine, morrissey, murder mysteries, nail polish, nature, never mind the buzzcocks, new york, nigella lawson, nostalgia, notebooks, opaque tights, painting, paperchase, paris, photography, piercings, polaroids, punk, rabbits, reading festival, road trips, russell brand, scorpio, sequins, sex and the city, sherbet, shoes, ska, snow, snowdonia, stevie nicks, sweets, sylvia plath, tarot, tattoo design, tattoos, tea, the belljar, the brontë sisters, the seaside, the smiths, tim burton, travelling, trees, tulips, typewriters, typography, vegetarianism, victorian literature, victoriana, vintage advertising, vintage clothing, vintage ephemera, virginia woolf, vodka, web design, wildlife, winter, writing, wuthering heights